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Special Mutton Master Class

Goat meat or mutton is considered one of the most delicious varieties of meat in the country. There are a variety of mutton dishes that can be cooked and enjoyed. The red meat or goat meat has a delicious flavour and texture, making it an ideal pick for curries, and dry. However, there are as many cuts as there are dishes. we’ll break down a few of our most popular cuts and the best ways to use them.

The content is focused at teaching various methods of preparation & may vary with individual student’s needs towards learning & time frames. Dishes may be changed or deleted on the discretion of the chef



Minimum 3 recipe to be taken in one class.
If Anything


 Instant Mutton Gravy

Kaleji Fry

 Mutton Handi

 Sindhi Mutton With Kheema

  Bhuna Gosht

 Mutton Korma

 Nalli Nihari

 Kheema Masala

Saoji Mutton

 Rogan Josh

 Pahadi Gosht

 Dhaba Style Mutton Gravy

 Boti Masala

 Mutton sukha

 Lemon Pepper Chops

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